My artistic journey poses questions on certain generally accepted truths, as well as exploring the contradictions they raise.

artist fabio perino


Artistic research

The elements of point and line, originally dealt with in previous work, are now dematerialized and stripped of their physical traits.


What in the past was synthesized and compressed into a geometrical element is now expanding into a limitless dimension. the line allowed to perceive the tension of being beyond the sensitive world, while the point implied a more humane will linked to a more comprehensible reality.


The attention is now on the incoherence and imbalance of human nature, which in its ambition to overcome the primitive act of creation, is destined to oppose that of which it is part.

The dialogue sequence of the pieces is repeated to underline the existing relationship between a human tendency towards the transcendent or universal and the objective and concrete reality of being in this world.


The dialogue grows from gentle, polite, to more violent and direct and without too many filters other than a human being’s essential, free and partially infinite ability to avail of imagination and reason.