Filling the sea

2021, Video 7’07”, two channel video installation, audio system, variable dimensions

“Filling the sea” and “emptying the sea” are two actions, which result from the need to stress a human being’s incoherence. man becomes the creator and nature becomes his creation, overturning the endless process of the origin of world. I focus my artistic search on two different human inclinations: on one hand, the search for the transcendent and on the other, the inescapable reality of life and being in the world as a human.

The concept aims to capture a number of tangible human feelings, such as omnipotence, selfishness, and shortsightedness, which can be seen in our society and are typical of the world we live in. these feelings are in complete opposition with the endless human search for the spiritual, the immaterial, the transcendent. the dual search forces the individuals to live on a precarious balance and it often results in incoherence.

my aim as an artist, is to reproduce these two separate actions in different parts of the world, and attempt to reproduce them in as many seas and rivers as possible. for now, i have started from the ligurian sea in italy, where i documented the performance with pictures and videos. i then reproduced the same work in london. the video is on a loop to better showcase the incongruous idea behind the useless gesture.