Dear No-One 

2021 – video 7′ – 3 channel video installation, audio variable dimensions

“Dear no-one” is an anonymous letter addressed to no one, dedicated to those who are open to discussion and acceptance of new forms of language, and to communicating the unspeakable through different means and situations. the water pouring out almost obsessively with the precise rhythmicity marked by the water head is an allegory for human life and symbolizes energy, without purpose or reason, and incoherence, destined to meet the ghost of reality as the only objective source of comparison.

The decision to focus this new body of work on water is directly linked to its transient and ephemeral properties (already expressed in “language”, 2020) which only allow for partial control of the work itself, since it is intended to evolve each time. water: eternal and finite. at times we forget the percentage of water of which human bodies are made, the carnal, primitive and essential connection we have with it. The white light is not simply a wall that stands for the reality against which the water hits before returning to earth, but also a new opportunity to debate a human-made truth by dissipating any reference point that reason revolves around. The relativity of thought and language within a contemporary idea that takes total control and an individualʼs thinking habit may result in a new path towards a new awareness. transforming or abandoning old assumptions, accepting or refuting the new are all doubts destined to fuel an incoherent and unbalanced search in the present and in the future.The installation changes depending on the viewpoint; the same audio-visual filmed from different cameras and is projected on three walls, accompanied by the natural sound of the work itself as well as by a performative dimension due to peopleʼs physical presence.